Thursday, March 12, 2009

Automation Design Canvas 1.1 Released!

We are happy to announce the availability of Automation Design Canvas Version 1.1! This release incorporates tons of customer feedback that we have gathered since 1.0. We want to thank all our customers that have helped us refine our feature set and make 1.1 a robust testing platform for modern application.

Automation Design Canvas is not your average testing tool. It has many innovations specifically designed for testing rich internet applications and handle the dynamic nature and complexities of these applications. Automation Design Canvas which is built on top of our popular WebAii Automation Framework is not only a tool but also a testing platform for anyone to build on top of!

This release also signals a new era of innovations in automated testing with the release of Telerik’s WebUI Test Studio which is powered by Automation Design Canvas and WebAii Framework. Our partnership with Telerik highlights our commitment to customizable and contemporary testing solutions that are not only geared to help end users but also development vendors! It is one step forward in our mission of making software testing easier.
If you have not given Automation Design Canvas a good look then this is the time to do so. Here are some of the key features that Automation Design Canvas can offer:

1. Simple point and click recording. The designer offers an integrated overlay surface that intelligently detects HTML page elements and offers common verification and action tags. There is no code to write or external tools to use. To update your tests, simply select a step and update its properties.

2. Integrated in Visual Studio. If you are developing a .NET application, you are most probably using VS. Why not have your QA team also work in the same environment? Eradicate the need for managing different tools and eliminate the silos between your development and QA teams. Integrating both teams in one environment is one of the most effective ways to enhance your team’s productivity and cut your cost. Not to mention, Automation Design Canvas offers a very compelling price point.

3. Sentence Verification Builder. Your test is a good as its verification! Without solid verification in each test, an automation test is useless. With Automation Design Canvas we offer an integrated and innovative designer that helps you build verification just like writing a sentence.

4. Code Generation. For those of you that want full control of your test case or simply want to customize a test using code, no problem! Automation Design Canvas allows you to generate code at a test or step level and add any set of custom steps using your favorite .NET language.

So what’s next?

Well… many things. This year we hope to fully cover the web application matrix for testing by
1. Adding support for Silverlight. WebAii 2.0 will feature our runtime support and future Automation Design Canvas releases will feature our record/playback support.
2. Expanding our browser support matrix to include Chrome and Safari.
3. New website. This will be unveiled in the next few weeks.
4. Updated documentation and samples
Download Automation Design Canvas today!

ArtOfTest, Inc. Team.


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