Monday, June 18, 2007

Automating Safari on Windows

Apple's recent announcement of Safari Beta3 and its support for running on Windows drew a lot of interest and debate regarding Apple's strategy for supporting Windows. For us, we looked at it as an opportunity to extend our WebAii's browser support to Safari. :)

Since the announcement we've been working day and night to get a Windows host running the Safari rendering engine (WebKit) to run on Windows. Our goal was to use the same exact WebKit.dll that comes installed on the machine when you install Safari to allow our host to have the same rendering behavior as the Safari browser that Apple ships.

I'm happy to say that late last night we resolved our last blocking issue and now are able to host WebKit using purely .NET (with few PInvoke calls ;-)) in a windows form. We are now in the process of building the automation support so users can actually launch the Safari host from WebAii and perform their automation just like IE or Firefox today!

This is a Windows Form hosting the same exact rendering engine that comes with Safari:

Stay tuned to our blog for future updates.
We'll continue the "Automating Silverlight" PART II series next week!