Wednesday, April 16, 2008

WebAii Design Canvas 1.0 Beta - Now supported on all VS Team System SKUs + VS Pro

We've had several customers raise the issue of our setup blocking if "VS 2008 Team System - Test Edition" is not installed. Many were using the Developer Edition or even VS Pro.

After reviewing all the VS 2008 APIs that Pro and the rest of the VS Team System editions expose, we confirmed that eveything we need for the designer is supported unlike VS 2005. With that in mind, we simply removed all the setup restrictions and the designer now works in full functionality on VS Professional and any of the VS Team System SKUs. The only feature that requires the Test Edition is the "WebAii Test to VS WebTest" conversion since only VS Test Edition has the WebTest type.

If you are an existing customer that already registered and downloaded the designer and wish to get the setup without the Test Edition block, simply re-download the designer setup from the link you got from us. It should be updated with a new setup without that block.


Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns.

ArtOfTest, Inc.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Announcing WebAii Automation Design Canvas 1.0 (Beta)!!

We are very happy to announce the availability of our longly awaited designer\recorder. The WebAii Automation Design Canvas is the solution to many of today's tough automation challenges faced by testers and developers trying to automate web 2.0 apps.

The designer features have been meticulously designed and built after listening and learning from the industry and our WebAii customers. We've talked to many customers and we've heard their biggest pain points when it comes to web automation. We've also analyzed many webaii hand crafted unit tests to see where the repetitiveness is and what causes the tests to be fragile and prone to failures. We've also look at the most common time consuming tasks for test failure resolution and tried to address these scenarios directly in our designer. We not only wanted the designer to help you build automation faster but also help build better automation.We don't claim we have solved every problem but we believe the designer is a giant leap in advancing the test automation technologies in the market. Say farewell to the dark ages of web automation tools and say hello to the future. We really believe this tool will make software testing easier! Hopefully you will appreciate it as much as we do....

More info can be found here:

You can register and download the product from here:
Designer features in details:
See our quick start videos here:

We really want to hear your feedback regarding our beta. If you feel there is a missing feature or an enhancement you would like to see in the designer, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

ArtOfTest Team