Sunday, February 1, 2009

WebAii Automation Design Canvas 1.1 Preview now available

ArtOfTest is happy to announce the availability of Automation Design Canvas 1.1 - Preview! The most productive and innovative tool for testing Web 2.0 applications! The official release of 1.1 will be available at the end of this month.

WebAii Automation Design Canvas 1.1 incorporates tons of customer feedback that we have gathered over the last 6 months from customers using our 1.0 version. The 1.1 version includes vast enhancements in the following areas:

1. Simplified Project Model: Your tests are now self-contained and have no dependency on other files in the solution. No more .WebAiiElements file or WebAiiProj files. Makes deployment scenarios a breeze and allows for tests to be easily portable across machines, users and projects. Simply copy, paste and include in any test project.

2. Strongly-typed Project Elements: As you record tests, strongly typed elements are being generated on the fly and are automatically accessible from your NUnit or VS Unit tests or any other unit testing framework that you like. If you are one of those customers that wants to simply use our design canvas to quickly generate code, then this feature is for you! Other key benefits to this feature is the ability to discover project element changes at compile time vs. execution time which is a huge time saver!

3. Record directly from Internet Explorer: You are no longer limited to our hosted browser instance inside Visual Studio. Launch IE in record mode and get the entire recording functionality including our Automation Overlay Surface and DOM Explorer attached to your IE instance. This setup is ideal for multi-monitor environments since you can have an IE instance on one screen to record from and Visual Studio on the second screen to manage the tests and execute them.

4. Test case Reusability: This has been a constant customer request. If you have repetitive test steps that you need to execute in multiple tests (i.e. login), then record them as one test and then add that test as a step to whatever test that requires it.

5. Enhanced Test Maintenance Support: Have your storyboard images gone out of date due to the churn in your application? With a simple click of a button, you can update these storyboard images automatically as your test is executing. You can even choose the browser type you want the images to be captured from.

6. Tons of performance and reliability fixes.

For more details, please check out our expanded How-To Videos here, which expand on our existing feature set and cover the new 1.1 features.


ArtOfTest, Inc. Team.

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