Monday, November 3, 2008

WebAii Silverlight Extension CTP2 Released!

We are happy to announce the release of CTP2. You can download it from our downloads pages .

This CTP is tested against Microsoft's official Silverlight 2 Release. CTP2 fixes all issues reported in CTP1. The dowload entry description contains all the major fixes. I will list them again in this post:

1. Connecting to Silverlight Apps. If you were using CTP1, you might have noticed that our extension stopped being able to connect to Silverlight apps once Microsoft released RC0. In RC0 Microsoft disabled one feature that we were relying on to plug into the app (Security reasons). Instead of trying to hack around this, we simple leverged our built-in http proxy (a new WebAii 2.0 feature that will be fully exposed using an OM but currently marked internal in this release) to connect to the app. This made our execution much cleaner and faster. No more reloading of the app or anything. It should be seamless. The only limitation we have right now is HTTPS.

>> NOTE: In CTP2 there is a new Setting.EnableSilverlight flag that needs to be set to enable WebAii to connect to Silverlight applications. By default this setting is not on. Setting this flag will activate the built-in proxy that we use to detect Silverlight applications.

2. Silverlight UI Controls. All our Silverlight controls that we ship in the box are now extensible. We removed the sealing of these classes. So anyone that wanted to extend them to build their own classes can do so.

3. Silverlight Test Template. As part of the installation, you now have a Silverlight test template that you can use to get you started. The template has one sample test that automates a simple silverlight app.

4. Bug Fixes/Additional Features worth noting:

  1. Finding child elements bug:
  2. Application duplication:
  3. Ability to move the mouse in a certain path:

This is going to be the last standalone CTP2 for silverlight and the silverlight automation functionality you see in thie extension will be rolled into WebAii 2.0 next many other cool new features. Keep an eye on our blogs in the next few weeks where we will preview the roadmap for WebAii 2.0.

Have fun automating.....

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