Friday, June 27, 2008

Automation Design Canvas 1.0 Released!


ArtOfTest, Inc. is happy to announce the release of Automation Design Canvas 1.0! Automation Design Canvas is the test automation answer to today's rich web experiences and Ajax applications. It is available as a plug-in right inside Visual Studio Professional or Team Suite.

Since the release of RC0 we have focused solely on the quality and stability of the product to offer you a solid V1.0! We think we have an award winning product with lots of innovations.

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Automation Design Canvas enables you to:

Build test automation in minutes vs hours

Shave weeks off your release schedules. No code to write or script to craft! Automation Design Canvas is built from the ground up to support rich Web 2.0 applications. It utilizes an advanced designer surface that makes test automation as easy as point and click, allowing for seamless crafting of verifications and syncrhonization for AJAX Pages.

Simple but powerful

A quick start guide is all you need to get started building test automation like a pro. The designer is highly customizable to allow advanced users to alter how recording is done. Recorded scripts are also extendible using an optional code behind model that allows developers to fully customize recorded tests whenever needed using WebAii Framework's rich .NET API. Using C# or VB.NET!

Built with maintenance in mind

Test automation needs to be constantly updated as the product being tested or the test environment changes. We have built-in features that give you the ability to rapidly resolve test failures and easily update your tests as well as track product changes through out the life time of the script using a DOM state archiving feature that can offer you DOM diffs.

Visual Studio Team System Integration

Design Canvas™ 1.0 is fully integrated in Visual Studio 2008 Professional & Team Suite. We add one additional test type to what Visual Studio offers. It integrates fully into the life cycle management of tests that VS offers including test case management, test execution, source control, remote execution and reporting using team foundation server. Futhermore, Design Canvas enables you to convert recorded scripts to VS Stress/Load tests.

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Full features listing:

How-To Videos:

WebAii 1.1 Released!

In conjunction with this release, WebAii 1.1 has also been released. Our next version of WebAii will be our 2.0 community preview which will include our Silverlight support that we have been working hard on.

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