Wednesday, April 4, 2007

WebAii Beta2 Released!

We are happy to announce the release of WebAii Beta2. Beta2 offers over 20 new features in addition to what was included in Beta1.

Some of the exciting new features in Beta2:

JavaScript Testing Support:
o Invoke JavaScript functions directly from .NET test code.
o Invoke JavaScript element events. (i.e. onblur).
o Log directly from your JavaScript functions.

Richer Element Search API
o Find elements using their markup content (innerText, innerMarkup, regex).
o Quick and easy notations to craft complex searches.
o Isolate application details from test logic using serialization support.

Additional Ajax Support
o Wait for 1-N element changes using one call.

NUnit First-Class Support
o Visual Studio NUnit item template.
o NUnit base test class.

HTML Pop-up & Dialogs Support
o Access and automate your HTML pop-ups.
o Built-in support for common browser dialogs (Alerts, FileUploads).
o Extensible framework for building your own custom dialog support.

Design ASP.NET Application Testability directly in VS Designer.
o New ASP.NET TestRegion custom control to use in Visual Studio’s designer to enable you to visually build TestRegions into your web application.

Unit Test Web Extensions
o 2 new test fixtures for defining and sharing elements and dialog handlings across unit tests.

Complete Code Samples & Updated Documentation / WebSite
o 50 unit tests that come in 4 flavors (C#/VB.NET for NUnit or VS Team Test)

And much more at

Feel free to send us any feedback!

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